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Welcome to In order to grow your small business, people need to find you in search engines. Working with our team will help you increase your online visibility and ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing. The more visibility you receive from search engine users, the better chance your visitors will find you. With proper planning and research, we can show you ways in which your business will get even more discovered. The wider the audience reach, the more chances of converting online visitors into YOUR customers.

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At, we not only measure your website performance, we value the money and time you spend helping us understand YOUR business. We help build your business from the CORE to full fruition. We are more than just another search engine optimization and web design company. We strive on building rewarding relationships and partnerships that nurtures the success of your ongoing business. We are friendly, engaged, knowledgeable and experienced.  And of course, we are here for you, 24/7 via phone or email. Contact us for your free consultation.

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If your website or mobile site is not optimized for search engines, then your competition just might be ahead of the game. But don’t sweat it. It’s never too late. In fact, there are marketing agencies and freelance SEO strategists that may NOT be aware of the variety of tools and techniques that have helped their businesses increase their own search ranking visibility. At Applecoremedia, we understand most of these techniques and do our best to take advantage of every opportunity to get your business discovered.

How do you leverage your SEO. We teach you!

At Applecoremedia, we understand the critical  ways to get your business discovered. We understand that everything starts with an online search. With 15+ years experience, we have spent the time thinking about how searchers look to find information. We spend the time to teach you how to leverage your SEO vantage points. With keyword research, we can help you identify where your business stands in the marketplace and what sets you apart from the competition. In fact, we probably already know a lot about your competition. How? We have worked with many Canadian industries, including local markets in Toronto, Northern Ontario and Quebec. We have worked with a variety of exciting industries and this includes everything from financial to retail to digital media arts & entertainment. Read more.

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When websites are optimized and made easier for your visitors to understand your business, not only do you gain more online traffic and potential customers, but Google, like other search engines, reward your business. That’s why we work hard to build your success. Doing a good job is OUR job.


HOW WE MEASURE at Applecoremedia.

Search Engines are not simply relying on keywords and descriptions anymore for search indexing. At Applecoremedia, we continue to improve SEO to serve the client or customer and also satisfy the search engines. We combine search engines best practices and review extensive query analysis using combined page rank, quality + many other factors to determine the customers search intent (location proximity, places are just a few examples). Quite simply, we are invested in getting you ahead of the competition. By competing, we mean setting you apart and giving you the insights to understand your own unique value and offerings within your niche market. Not only do we produce results for you but we MEASURE your results. And if you don’t understand how and why we measure these data results, no problem! We will spend the time to educate you and help you understand what these results mean. Depending on your business needs, we will provide daily, weekly or monthly reports to help you understand where your visitors are coming from and how much time they are spending on your site. This is why having pages that are SEO optimized is absolutely critical. Your success is absolutely dependent on our success.

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As a Bilingual Digital Media Specialist for over 15 years, Robert Blanchet continues working with his internal team to deliver the best results for his clients. Located in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core at Yonge & Wellesley, Robert continues supporting client-facing relationships with broadcasters & producers including CBC / Radio-Canada, TVA, TVO, TFO for a wide variety of multimedia and rich interactive digital projects.